On Sunday October 20, 2013 we went to San Gabriel River to collect trash. Over a period of three hours we collected plastic bags, cans, beerbottles, styrofoam cups, and other types of trash.

Photos from the Clean Up

Mission Statement

AnEcoScape's mission is to promote improved understanding and human behavior toward our ecosystems. To create awareness, human caring, and responsibility with our contributions to the world's eco-scapes, with primary focus on Earth's bodies of Water. We also provide educational information about all Earth's eco-scapes that also includes mountain regions, savannas, deserts, jungles, and rain forrests.

Our mission is to scientifically analyse water contamination before and after trash cleanup and indentify specific target areas that are most subject to trash pollution near waters that are visited by people for recreational purposes. With these results and knowledge we hope to educate the neighboring and visiting human population to continuous keep the targetet area clean, and motivate individuals to transform their relationship with the ecosystem.

We will increase responsibility for life on our planet through art, creative projects, and ecological products for education, multi-media, and entertainment.

About Us

AnEcoSpace was created by California native, Ben Hamilton. Hamilton has a Bachelor of Science in Biology (Ecology) with a minor in Chemistry, and Masters in Marine Biology. Read more ...


Our current environment project involves cleaning out the San Gabriel River Basin in Southern California. We do this by going to different parts of the river and physically remove trash and debris. Read more ...

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