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Ben F. Hamilton
Chairman and Founder - CEO

Mr. Ben Hamilton created AnEcoScape to develop environmental projects and publications that help people understand how we can successfully protect and restore life on our planet by using scientific measurements . His first priority are the Estuaries in Southern California and waters that affect them. Mr. Hamilton has over 20 years of experience in environmental and ecology field work that focus on marine habitats.

Mr. Ben F. Hamilton holds a Master of Science in Marine Biology from Occidental College and has a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis on of plant and animal species, and a minor in Chemistry from University of Redlands . For his Masters thesis he researched how Mercury pollution negatively affects the primary productivity of a single cell organism (Marine Dinoflagellate Gyrodinium Dorsum) vital to Earth's oxygen production (via the photosynthesis). His Undergraduate research involved studying the habitats of three different species of the Sceloperous lizards for which he was awarded Grant from the National Science Fondation (NSF).

Mr. Hamilton worked for 15 years for the National Seafood Inspection Program of the US Department of Commerce and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA) at the Marine Fisheries Service in Long Beach, CA. His professional experience also includes working as a marine technologist for G. Alan Hancock Foundation at USC on the Ecology of Los Angeles Harbor Environmental Project, and he ran data verification and analysis (QA) projects for the the Army Corps of Engineers over a period of 3.5 years. Additionally, he also has experience using biostatical methods working for the California Medical Groups on treatment for hypertension.

Ben Hamilton is a California native who knew he was "hooked" on marine life and his love of the great outdoors at the tender age of four. He partially grew up in Malibu and surfed the southern California coastline and Hawaii. Ben loves to travel and have visited Europe, several countries in Latin and South America, Japan and islands in the Pacific. As a young man worked for a time as a commercial fisherman around the Channel Islands.

Kyoko Murase
Project Manager and Art Director

Ms. Kyoko Murase grew up in Yokkaichi in the Mie prefecture, Japan, a region that has given rise to the “Yokkaichi asthma” because of its high air pollution. This experience made her highly eco-minded already as a child. When she met Mr. Ben Hamilton she understood his concept of protecting of our planet by creating environmental conscious projects, and joined him in starting AnEcoScape.

Kyoko Murase has a Master of Accounting and Financing Management from Keller Graduate University in Long Beach, California, and a Bachelor of Art in English American Literature from Tamagawa University in Tokyo, Japan. She also has a Certification in Web and Graphic Design from Mission College, Santa Clara, where her art work was selected as an HONOUR in March of 2002 and was put on public display at The Vargas Gallery Exhibitor in Santa Clara.

Ms. Murase worked at FedEx headquarters in Tokyo, Japan in the Information Technology Division, where she created, produced, and managed all intranet web sites and related projects. At FexEx she was also selected to be the designer of an award poster for the FedEx North Pacific Region (NPAC) including China, Japan, Korea, and Guam offices for their IT Division Conferences.

In Los Angels she successfully ran an e-commerce business for four years that designed product art for Asian Communities in Southern California. She negotiated an exclusive license from an investor and sold over 100,000 units through a Japanese company located in Los Angeles . She also corporated with a Japanese company for rental cell-phones at all Japanese airports.

Ms. Murase learned the function structure of Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) and Volunteer systems by volunteerring for the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles with their web mainanace and at Cool Hunt Inc (North Hollywood, CA), where she volunteered as a bilingual Japanese and English speaker.

Kyoko Murase has also established HIVIKI LLC, a company that develop opportunities for immigrants in the United States that provide services for understanding legal, tax, and cultural differences.

Mission Statement

AnEcoScape's mission is to promote improved understanding and human behavior toward our ecosystems. To create awareness, human caring, and responsibility with our contributions to the world's eco-scapes, with primary focus on Earth's bodies of Water. We also provide educational information about all Earth's eco-scapes that also includes mountain regions, savannas, deserts, jungles, and rain forrests.

Our mission is to scientifically analyse water contamination before and after trash cleanup and indentify specific target areas that are most subject to trash pollution near waters that are visited by people for recreational purposes. With these results and knowledge we hope to educate the neighboring and visiting human population to continuous keep the targetet area clean, and motivate individuals to transform their relationship with the ecosystem.

We will increase responsibility for life on our planet through art, creative projects, and ecological products for education, multi-media, and entertainment.

About Us

AnEcoSpace was created by California native, Ben Hamilton. Hamilton has a Bachelor of Science in Biology (Ecology) with a minor in Chemistry, and Masters in Marine Biology. Read more ...


Our current environment project involves cleaning out the San Gabriel River Basin in Southern California. We do this by going to different parts of the river and physically remove trash and debris. Read more ...

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